Learn How Calumite Slag
Helps Your Business

Economically Smart.
Environmentally Sound.

An essential raw material for the glass industry, Calumite Slag is an environmentally beneficial alumina source used in all types of soda-lime-silica glass production. Its unique melting and refining properties enable producers to reduce energy consumption and reduce CO2 and NOx emissions while improving product quality

For those in the glass-making industry, the integration of Calumite Slag as the essential raw material offers a clear opportunity that is beneficial to the environment, product quality, and the economic health of your operations.

Calumite Slag ’s innovative, slag-based composition makes it the glass makers’ raw material of choice in the production of soda-lime-silica glass. Calumite Slag ’s improved melting efficiency gives you reduced CO2 emissions, reduced NOx emissions, and reduced energy consumption, among other advantages. This translates into energy savings, increased glass yield, and improved glass quality.

Calumite Slag . It’s Economically Smart, Environmentally Sound, and the preferred, green raw material for glass manufacturers worldwide.